Prof. Dr. Vittorio Pace


Indipendent Career

2020 - Full Professor (Chair) of Organic Chemistry - University of Torino, IT

2018 - 2020 Tenure Track Professorship in Drug Synthesis - University of Vienna, AT

2014-2018 Group Leader in Synthetic Chemistry - University of Vienna 

2017 Habilitation for Full Professorship in Organic ChemistryMIUR, IT 

2016 Habilitation for Pharmaceutical Chemistry - University of Vienna


Postdoctoral Training

2013-2014 Stockholm University, SE (Prof. B. Olofsson)

2011-2013 The University of Manchester, UK (Prof. D. J. Procter)

2010-2011 University of Vienna, AT (Prof. W. Holzer)


Doctoral Studies in Chemical Sciences

2006-2010 Complutense University of Madrid, ES - (Prof. A. R. Alcántara - Prof. J. V. Sinisterra)

Visiting PhD placements:

Ghent, BE (Prof. N. De Kimpe, 2009); Graz, AT (Prof. W. Kroutil, 2009); Trieste, IT (Prof. L. Gardossi, 2008)


MSc Studies

2009 University of Pavia, IT - Postgraduate MSc in Drug Design and Development

2005 University of Perugia, IT - MSc in Pharmacy (Prof. M. Curini)